Largest Balete Tree – Baler Aurora

Here’s  another must visit site at Baler.largest balete tree -

Largest Banyan Tree located at Brgy. Maria Aurora.

Its about 60 meters tall which is the Largest Balete Tree in Asia. Whoah!

They say its about 600 years old thus many calls it as Millennium Tree. Talking about millennium tree, the same kind of tree (not as firm and well erected as this one)  which is believed to be a thousand years old can be found at hundred islands ( located at Govenors Island).

Anyway, moving forward.

With a very minimal fee Php10-20/px you’ll have the chance to get inside it and take pictures. Be patient though waiting in line especially during peak season. Wbalete tree baler -, it’s like box office hit.

There are locals selling some “kakanin” and other “food trip” within the area so you might want to get one while having a great time in your baler tour package.

Local tour guides are fantastic. Must have been due to numerous experiences. They know what to do with your phone and get the most out of it. They call it camera tricks and they know where is the best spot. So take advantage of it. They know what they’re doing.

Till next posts guys!

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Ermita Hill – Baler – Good To Know

Another must visit site at Baler is “Ermita Hill”

You know, every time I’m touring at Baler and take our guests at Ermita Hill. I’m always amazed to it’s simple beauty. The landscape, green trees and the cool breeze. Oh, what a view! ermita hill -

It’s like viewing the entire Baler as noted from our photo here (taken from our tour last May 2015). Unlike from other tour sites you may have been with, where the area (or site view) is like a slope of a mountain. Ermita Hill on the other hand is like a cliff. I suppose that a huge mass of its original landscape have been wiped out. I’m not exactly sure but it could be caused by a tidal wave noted in my previous posts as follows:

“According to its history, in December 1735, a tidal wave struck and completely engulfed Kinagunasan / Baler. I can’t imagine how tragic that must have been as I view the entire town at Ermita Hill every time I’m touring therein. Without warning at 2 a.m. and within an hour the entire town was gone due to the said tidal wave.  The sudden onslaught of the wave and the fact that the nearby towns of Casiguran, Dipaculao and Dingalan were left untouched has turned the catastrophe into a folk legend of biblical proportions.”

Whew! I couldn’t image how tragic it must have been. ermita hill -

Since then, Ermita Hill became their refuge whenever there’s a potential tidal wave and or the like.

Here’s another good to know (based from my discussions with the Locals). Back then, the upper part of Ermita has a miniature park with variety of animals. I’m not sure nor the locals what had happened but you’ll be able to see old cages therein. Could have been nicer if it’s still active isn’t it?

That’s it for now folks.

Ditumabo Falls a.k.a Mother Falls

Dimatubo Falls a.k.a Mother Falls

Visiting Baler won’t be complete without enjoying the adventure at Dimatubo Falls. Here’s are some good to know.

Technically, Ditumabo Falls is outside Baler but pretty near. It is located at Brgy. Ditumabo thus “Ditumabo Falls

ditumabo falls -
Mothers Falls?
Because it’s the largest among all known falls within the area.

How long would it take?
From the parking area, you’ll have to ride in a trike to the trekking starting point which would take about 10 minutes as the road is not friendly so be ready. One way trike ride is at Php100.00/group of 3-4px. Rate may change espc during peak season. Then from the starting point, you’ll have to trekk a total of 1.3km which would depend from your groups pace. You’ll pass by several streams, cross over rocky area and quite muddy when raining. I would say about an hour of trekking.

Advisable to bring your car/vehicle?
Taking your car up to the starting point is not ideal. As I noted above the road is not pleasant, one way and is designed for trikes only. Please don’t be one of them who create traffic congestion at the area. Finally, you’re not really helping the community since you’re not going to ride in a trike. So leave your car at the parking area then ride in a trike, enjoy the road trip and have fun.

Does it has a fee?
Only recently (summer of 2015), the city government implemented a fee of Php30.00/px. Php10.00 will go to the community (hopefully) and Php20.00 to the guide. I just hope that they’ll provide more guides since its part of the fee. Hopefully they’ll be able to improve this new system.

Food?mother falls -
By far, only drinking water or bottled water is allowed. You’ll pass by some small kainans’ so no need to worry. You may drink water from the streams or falls. You’ll normally see hose/s on areas where you can save or drink one.

Best time?
Now this depends from your preference. If you want to see a lot of people, hit summer up to early June. Note that during peak season, water level is lower. So if you prefer your group only or few guests and high level of water, try booking on mid June to mid September.

ditumabo falls -



Just want to share this image from my personal tour last may 2015. Headed by Ms Ann Gabuat.Had a great time with this group touring them at Baler, Aurora. They took our baler tour package with van service.  I look forward to have long lasting friendship with you guys not just in fb, hehehehe.

Main image is taken inside Largest Banyan Tree while the other one is at Museo De Baler.